Ways to Keep Your AC Units Summer Proof

Regardless if you have been utilizing your AC in winter or not, it would always be a good idea to provide it a checkup and maintenance to make sure that it’s prepared to operate before the summer season kicks in. For that, this article aims to give you a few easy tricks and tips that you need to do to guarantee that your AC units will be summer-proof and prepared.  


Prepare your home  

As you adjust the louvers, clean the filters, and change the settings, you also need to make some changes to your home so that you can maintain the coolness that your unit gives you this summer. Make sure to close all blinds during the daytime to obstruct sunlight that will heat your house. Also, remove your area rugs to help maintain a reduced ambient temperature.   

Change the temperature and mode.  

Though it may appear to be a basic step, switch your AC unit to cooling mode. And once summer finally arrives, you easily set and forget the timers of your AC to maintain a cool room as much as possible while the temperature increases.   

Make sure the areas around your outdoor AC system and its filters are clean.  

Your AC unit’s filters are a crucial part since they trap airborne particles and dust present within your houses. But, to make sure that they are efficiently functioning, they need to get some TLC that they deserve from you. You can do so by just washing them once per season.   

Apart from making sure that the filters are clean, it’s vital to inspect the areas surrounding the outdoor AC system for any stray debris, grass, or leaves that might have accumulated throughout the windier winter seasons. Any stray items could potentially obstruct the airflow, causing your AC system to run less effectively. Perform a brief inspection to guarantee that it is tidy and clean surrounding your outdoor unit.   

Book for a professional HVAC service  

Though you can do a lot of things to make sure that your AC is effectively running every season, it’s still highly recommended that you should have your unit professionally serviced at least once a year. Or you may also get an HVAC service North Port that can be done by HVAC specialists who can check your units thoroughly and clean all parts of your unit and perform any adjustments needed.   

Redirect the louvers  

There will be a greater possibility that the louvers will be directed downwards in the winter season when you’ve been utilizing your split system. That’s because hot air tends to rise and to position, your louvers downwards guarantee great air circulation in winter. But cool air also plummets, so you should redirect the louvers to the ceiling. This way, the cool air will be evenly circulated throughout the room as the cool air falls. With extra features that help distribute the airflow evenly, you will be guaranteed to get a cool and nice room every time you run your unit.   


When Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned? 

Since an air duct is something that we all have at home especially if you have cooling and heating systems in our homes, it is a common knowledge to everyone that the air ducts are very much responsible in the circulation or the proper flow of the air inside our homes. If it is winter time, the hot air from your heating system will be able to enter all the rooms if you have air duct system and if it is summer time and it is hot outside, the cold air from the home cooler or air conditioner will flow from one room to another because of the works of the air ducts in the home. If you do not have air ducts at home then the air of your home is not distributed properly and living could be very uncomfortable for you.  


There is a big reason why air ducts are very important and since air ducts holds so much responsibility, you as the homeowner should find ways to make it easier for your air duct and the thing that you could do to help is to make it clean or have it cleaned since you are the owner of that air duct and you will be the one suffering from the results of a dirty air duct. If you do not want to live in a very uncomfortable home and an unhappy life then you should do the right thing and call air duct cleaning near me because they are the experts in terms of keeping and maintaining air ducts in homes. You should be availing their services if you care for your air ducts since you are not educated about how to clean your air ducts properly so you should just leave it to the professionals to do since it is what they do and they are called experts for variety of reasons.  

Since you already know that it is very important to have a clean and dirt-free air duct then the only remaining question now is when should you have your air ducts clean by professionals? If you are looking forward and excited for the question then you should continue scrolling down for more: 

  1. Ask the professionals 

Upon the installation of your air ducts, you could ask professionals about the repair and maintenance schedule of the air duct that you have. For smaller units that are not really being used by a big home, professionals would recommend after a couple of months after installation but for bigger and heavy-duty air ducts then professionals would really recommend just a few months after installation so that they could check how it is doing. 


  1. Appearance of molds 

If you already see molds in your vents or air ducts then you should immediately call professionals to check up on your air duct since molds could be a sign that there is something wrong with your air duct system.  


  1. Condition of Heating or Cooling System 

If the heating and cooling system of your home is not functioning properly and if you are uncomfortable in your home then you should have your air ducts checked because there might be something wrong with it.  

After being done with this article, make sure that you now pay more attention to the air ducts at your home.  


How to Make Your Dog Obedient?

Some dogs may easily follow commands, while others are just stubborn and disobedient. To help you with that, here are some tips you can consider if you want your dog to easily obey your cues sooner than later: 


Decide on the house rules before you bring home your pet 

Before you bring your new pup into your house, it would be best if you discuss with your family members what you should and should not allow your dog to do while they are living under your roof. You need to decide even the small details in advance before your new pup arrives because you want everybody in your home to be teaching similar things to your dog, preventing them from being confused.  

Use food treats as rewards and lures 

Treats play a vital role in terms of rewarding your dog when they’ve correctly done an action, like going out to their toilet. However, you can also take advantage of the treats to lure your furry pal back to you, particularly if they practice recalling while you’re out on a walk. Moreover, it always boils down to positive reinforcement if you want to make your dog recognize that they can get a treat and lots of paise by going to their potty area, instead of relieving on the carpet. 

Teaching them commands and tricks 

You can start off with the basic commands like wait, stay, down, and sit. If your dog masters such cues, it can help you in making sure that your dog will listen to your commands and be obedient every time they hear them from you. You can help your dog to be mentally motivated by repeating such fundamental commands in the house and as you take them out for a walk. Moreover, reinforce to them the good aspect of following your command, like being praised often and having a treat.  


Though the progress may seem slow, housetraining plays a vital role to make your dog obedient and letting them comprehend your established house rules. Eventually, your pup will be more familiar with the routine of heading to their bed to sleep, in the kitchen to eat, and most particularly, going out to relieve themselves on their dedicated toilet. As of the moment, make sure to always do positive note as you refer them to such locations whenever you can. Once your dog manages to correctly use such areas, don’t forget to praise them accordingly or give them treats.  

Never hesitate to ask for a certified dog trainer’s help 

If you’re getting into trouble with the bad habits of your dog or when your dog gets more destructive or aggressive, know that you can choose to ask for help from the experts in the form of a qualified dog handler or trainer at These dog experts are expected to have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with various dog breeds. They also know how to quickly stamp out bad behavior so that it won’t get out of hand. 


Optimum Ways in Reducing Your Bill for Gas

This is normal and basic to learn about the uses of the gas in our home. Some people might still be using this one for the different methods of at home like cooking or when baking some cakes. Another one that is very common is when we are trying to heat some water for us to make some coffee or when our kids need to take a bath early in the morning. Most of them would use the heater in the bathroom. The worst thing is when you need to get a Glasgow boiler repair. It means you need to manually boil the water and transfer it to the pail with cold water.

The only problem about using the gas is when you need to use them most of the time. It means that you have to pay more and you don’t have a choice but to take the risks. It is a nice idea that you have some methods in order to lower down your bill and not everyone can do it because they don’t have time to pay attention. You can always choose the things that you need to do to cut it down and save more money. We have here some ways where you can guarantee the best of the bill and the energy as well.

There are some old houses that they are still using the old and traditional types of heating and cooling system. That means that you are going to use the gas in order to make them work well. If you are using the air conditioner to make the room cool, then you have to consider the thermostat as it will help to keep the temperature normal and avoid making it too cold.

You need to consider as well the fact that you have to turn off or shut down the main switch of the heating or cooling system when you are not around. For example, you plan to go out with your family and no one will be using that one now since all of you are about to get outside. Then, it is best that you will turn it off entirely so that you can save the bill and the gas at the same time. You can tell your family members about this one as well and this will be a big help to you.

Others would try to use the radiator type of valve which can be a nice help if you want to make the place a bit better than the other parts of the house. For example, you want the flooring of the house to be a bit warmer than that other corner, then you can set this one by using the radiator.

Of course, there are some natural ways for you to cool down the place like opening the windows or the doors. If you are using the heater, then you need to make sure that all the windows are close so that the warm air would not get outside of the room.


5 Ways Urban Trees Make You More Active Outdoors

Being physically active can provide a lot of benefits to our body. Besides being physically fit, physical activities can help our mental state.  


This is where trees become relevant in this picture. According to recent researches, spending time in nature makes one more physically active and mindfully present in the moments. In addition, spending time outside and doing physical activities with the company of trees help in therapy and rejuvenation of our mind and body. It is fun and at the same time therapeutic and healthy. This is correlated with the data that shows residents in greener communities are more physically active and less likely to be overweight compared to those living in less green spaces.  

Having trees around provides limitless benefits. If you have some trees in your lawn or yard, provide maintenance by hiring professional tree service Houston in order to give them the care they need and deserve. The following are the benefits of trees to you: 


1.It provides aesthetics 

Let us admit that spaces with greens are more attractive and calming to look at. While it is true that the city lights can be pretty, there is nothing more therapeutic and serene to look at than the beauty of nature. In addition, communities that have greener spaces also take pride in it. The same thing applies to homeowners who could increase their property value so long as they have a well-maintained landscape.  


2.Lessens your stress 

This is something that research has proven: natural green spaces are effective in lowering down your cortisol levels, which are responsible for the feeling of stress. Exercising or doing any physical activities outdoor is very effective in making one feel more engaged with others, revitalized, and less tense.  


3.Gives shade  

People are attracted to going into places that cool them down rather than heat them up especially after an exhausting exercise or physical activity. Trees bring more people into space, and this is evident in the public parks you see where people gather and cool down under shaded trees 


4.It makes you socialize 

Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between social interactions and tree cover. People tend to spend more time outside when trees are around and this further reinforces the idea of interacting and socializing more with others, forming stronger bonds and relationships with other people.  


5.It provides safety 

It serves as a mystery of why residential spaces with trees and well-maintained landscape ward off offenders, and there is less crime in green spaces compared to less green settings. Whatever the reasons can be, it is reported that people feel more protected and safer when the neighborhoods are full of green trees and green spaces.  


When you compare settings with barren communities and ones that have more green spaces, you can tell the difference of how people in the community interact. Unshaded places do not attract visitors so people in the community are less encouraged to spend time outdoor and interact with their neighbors. This is why people in greener space tend to be more active, healthier, and less overweight.