How to Make Your Dog Obedient?

Some dogs may easily follow commands, while others are just stubborn and disobedient. To help you with that, here are some tips you can consider if you want your dog to easily obey your cues sooner than later: 


Decide on the house rules before you bring home your pet 

Before you bring your new pup into your house, it would be best if you discuss with your family members what you should and should not allow your dog to do while they are living under your roof. You need to decide even the small details in advance before your new pup arrives because you want everybody in your home to be teaching similar things to your dog, preventing them from being confused.  

Use food treats as rewards and lures 

Treats play a vital role in terms of rewarding your dog when they’ve correctly done an action, like going out to their toilet. However, you can also take advantage of the treats to lure your furry pal back to you, particularly if they practice recalling while you’re out on a walk. Moreover, it always boils down to positive reinforcement if you want to make your dog recognize that they can get a treat and lots of paise by going to their potty area, instead of relieving on the carpet. 

Teaching them commands and tricks 

You can start off with the basic commands like wait, stay, down, and sit. If your dog masters such cues, it can help you in making sure that your dog will listen to your commands and be obedient every time they hear them from you. You can help your dog to be mentally motivated by repeating such fundamental commands in the house and as you take them out for a walk. Moreover, reinforce to them the good aspect of following your command, like being praised often and having a treat.  


Though the progress may seem slow, housetraining plays a vital role to make your dog obedient and letting them comprehend your established house rules. Eventually, your pup will be more familiar with the routine of heading to their bed to sleep, in the kitchen to eat, and most particularly, going out to relieve themselves on their dedicated toilet. As of the moment, make sure to always do positive note as you refer them to such locations whenever you can. Once your dog manages to correctly use such areas, don’t forget to praise them accordingly or give them treats.  

Never hesitate to ask for a certified dog trainer’s help 

If you’re getting into trouble with the bad habits of your dog or when your dog gets more destructive or aggressive, know that you can choose to ask for help from the experts in the form of a qualified dog handler or trainer at These dog experts are expected to have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with various dog breeds. They also know how to quickly stamp out bad behavior so that it won’t get out of hand. 

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