5 Ways Urban Trees Make You More Active Outdoors

Being physically active can provide a lot of benefits to our body. Besides being physically fit, physical activities can help our mental state.  


This is where trees become relevant in this picture. According to recent researches, spending time in nature makes one more physically active and mindfully present in the moments. In addition, spending time outside and doing physical activities with the company of trees help in therapy and rejuvenation of our mind and body. It is fun and at the same time therapeutic and healthy. This is correlated with the data that shows residents in greener communities are more physically active and less likely to be overweight compared to those living in less green spaces.  

Having trees around provides limitless benefits. If you have some trees in your lawn or yard, provide maintenance by hiring professional tree service Houston in order to give them the care they need and deserve. The following are the benefits of trees to you: 


1.It provides aesthetics 

Let us admit that spaces with greens are more attractive and calming to look at. While it is true that the city lights can be pretty, there is nothing more therapeutic and serene to look at than the beauty of nature. In addition, communities that have greener spaces also take pride in it. The same thing applies to homeowners who could increase their property value so long as they have a well-maintained landscape.  


2.Lessens your stress 

This is something that research has proven: natural green spaces are effective in lowering down your cortisol levels, which are responsible for the feeling of stress. Exercising or doing any physical activities outdoor is very effective in making one feel more engaged with others, revitalized, and less tense.  


3.Gives shade  

People are attracted to going into places that cool them down rather than heat them up especially after an exhausting exercise or physical activity. Trees bring more people into space, and this is evident in the public parks you see where people gather and cool down under shaded trees 


4.It makes you socialize 

Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between social interactions and tree cover. People tend to spend more time outside when trees are around and this further reinforces the idea of interacting and socializing more with others, forming stronger bonds and relationships with other people.  


5.It provides safety 

It serves as a mystery of why residential spaces with trees and well-maintained landscape ward off offenders, and there is less crime in green spaces compared to less green settings. Whatever the reasons can be, it is reported that people feel more protected and safer when the neighborhoods are full of green trees and green spaces.  


When you compare settings with barren communities and ones that have more green spaces, you can tell the difference of how people in the community interact. Unshaded places do not attract visitors so people in the community are less encouraged to spend time outdoor and interact with their neighbors. This is why people in greener space tend to be more active, healthier, and less overweight.  

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